Low Back Pain Studies Favor Chiropractic Care

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Just wanted to post a couple of studies that substantiated Chiropractic care. I personally don’t think that chiropractic is considered by most of the population as an option for treatment. It seems the main culprit in all of this is other health professionals that are afraid of the consequences of more people choosing chiropractic. Millions of people around the globe have benefited from chiropractic care and yet we sometimes dismiss their claims. Studies like this are important because they show unbiased proof that this is medicine and it works. The more we can show this proof the better chance we have of helping more people. In a few years the marginalization of chiropractic care will have ceased and many more doctors will follow this type of medicine. I hope that you will give it a chance because it can help.

A major randomized controlled trial on chronic low back pain was just published in the Clinical Rehabilitation Journal, involving 210 patients (140 women and 70 men) with chronic, non-specific low back pain. These individuals were randomized into 3 groups: spinal manipulation, personalized physiotherapy, or back school. [1] Chiropractic adjusting (Spinal Manipulation) was associated with much higher functional improvements and long-term pain relief than the other 2 groups after release from care and again at the 12-month follow-up.

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