Milwaukee Chiropractor | What is Chiropractic Care?

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Milwaukee Chiropractor treatments consist of small painless adjustments to the spine to relieve pain and pressure. Many times these adjustment lead to a feeling of relief for the person under care. There are 24 movable segments of the spine in the human body. When one of these segments is not properly moving then an adjustment is needed. Once adjusted a full range of movement will be allowed which in turn allows muscular relaxation.

Chiropractic is based on the premise that your brain and spinal cord control your entire body. It is when you feel pain that your body is telling your mind something is wrong, we need help! Of course the mental image of this is a patient strung out on some ancient torture device cracking bones and stripping muscles. This of course is even close to what Chiropractor care is like.

When we develop any kind of stress our nervous system reacts by putting our body in a defensive posture. Muscles contract out causing the spine and joints to lock up. This then causes irritated nerves which sends the message (pain) to the brain telling it something is wrong. When they become pinched or irritate they block the nerve impulses that should travel freely. When this happens that causes health problems in the body. The stoppage of the impulses can cause stomach pains, headaches, or backaches, just to name a few.

All of this can be avoided by having proper Milwaukee Chiropractor care on a regular basis. I hope this helps clear up some misconceptions of this type of scientific medicine. Remember it is a painless and prententive type medicine that everyone can benefit from.

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