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Milwaukee Chiropractor’s Guide to Running

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Running is a great way to exercise and burn much needed calories. It allows both physical exertion and mental recuperation. Many times while running a person can clear their thoughts and get ready for the day. Running though can be very tough on the body if you don’t do it properly. Here are come chiropractic tips to run properly and avoid some of the missteps and injuries that can occur.

You need to wear running shoes of good quality. Don’t wear basketball shoes, hiking shoes etc. Without proper footwear the foot is not properly hitting the ground. This then can cause leg and back pain which will require you to go to the chiropractor. Proper footwear makes sure your feet are properly positioned which then aligns the rest of the body and reduces wear and tear on the spine and back muscles.

Use a natural running movement which requires you to move your arms. Stiff arm movement or no arm movement can cause undue pressure on the back due to improper body weight transference. When running make sure your arms move with the opposite leg for proper balance.

Do not use any extra weights or carry weights while running. Although it would seem to be a better workout, it can actually hurt your body. The natural balance of running is altered and your back, legs, and neck try to compensate for this weird feeling. This compensation is what will cause you to pull a back muscle or cramp a muscle instead of you working harder. You are far better off working with weights before or after you run.

Always look forward when running. The natural way to run is eyes forward and head properly positioned straight ahead so that you don’t strain the necks muscles. This can also lead to back pain, neck pain, and lots of other conditions based on the way your body is lengthening to look down. You must get good at looking far enough in advance for any problems to avoid or run on a smooth surface.

Finally don’t run on those old run down shoes. Only stands to reason that these shoes have lost their proper support. Without the proper support to the foot all kinds of problems can occur. Trade them in for a new pair and you will see the difference right away.

Hope this helps you run without pain. I would always recommend going to a chiropractor before a serious workout regimen is started. The chiropractor will have many different techniques to help you avoid problems. They also can tell you what kind of shoe to get based on your foot and the way you walk.

Back Pain Relief

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

One of the biggest health problems in the United States is low back pain. Nearly 4 out of every 5 people come down with low back pain. There are a lot of causes to this like being overweight, working, posture, and not stretching. We can’t really go into all of the preventative things you can do in such a short post so I will just try to give you some tips on reducing the pain.

First action I would take is icing your lower back. By icing you should reduce the swelling that can occur in your muscles. I would ice for 5 to 10 minutes till the area is numb and you don’t feel as much pain.

After that go and take a hot shower which can help soothe your aching back. The heat boosts circulation by dilating blood vessels and getting nutrients into the damaged area. While showering I like to try and stretch the affected muscles. The heat makes them more pliable and the pain less.

Next make sure you take some over the counter medication to reduce the pain. Whatever you take should reduce swelling and help with the discomfort. Just ask a pharmacist what is working the best right now via word of mouth.

The final step is to do a real stretching routine. You need to target your back muscles by extending them as far as possible. There are many exercises to do this so Google back stretches to find some. You can also find stretches by flexing lumbar muscles as a search term.

The back is a very vital part of everyday life. It is vital that you do as many preventative exercises as possible. Every once and a while you will “tweak it” and this little post will help you handle that. If your pain doesn’t go away within the week consult a physician. Good luck.

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